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BlueBarricade™ reaches new threshold in blockchain technology with 1,400 transactions per second.

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What is blockchain?

Blockchain is a versatile technology for tracking and securing data. There are many fields in which this technology can revolutionize the way we work.

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Why BlueBarricade?

Lighting fast and secure blockchain on IBM mainframe.

More than 1 000 blockchain transactions per second.


In world of endless and ever growing internal and external transactions the ability to have full traceability becomes a real competitive advantage and in some regulated market segments a legal requirement. BlueBarricade delivers just that.


Ubiquitous digital processes with built in traceability requires unmatched scalability. We can deliver more than 1 000 transactions per second enabling support for the most demanding enterprise business transactions.


We build our solution together our world leading partner IBM, which ensures a stable, predictable and long term service for you and your customers.


BlueBarricade creates cost savings and new value streams for Enterprises with rapid innovation of enhanced digital capabilities without the need for expensive data integration services. At the backend of our service we run IBM enterprise class blockchain to provide you with the foundation to power your digital transformation journey.


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