BlueBarricade – lighting fast and secure blockchain on IBM mainframe

The story behind BlueBarricade started with a project inside a major car manufacturer trying to get better control over the global distribution of spare parts. This was a perfect scenario to initiate a blockchain solution with many external parties, high demand on warehouse accuracy and full traceability. The initial test result of that blockchain set up was very slow even at low volume transactions and the solution did not meet the high demands for security.

Fast forward 2 years and the introduction of IBM enabling blockchain with Hyperledger in an Openshift stack together with BlueBarricade’s development enabling a blockchain set up in a level 3 security zone (same level of security as the credit card transaction in a bank) and the BlueBarricade enterprise blockchain solution was a huge success.

Today we are working with a number of projects in a broad spectrum of industries including banks, insurance, music, video and donations.

We are a global embedded partner with IBM and as such we engage with IBM customers globally. Our business model is to license out the BlueBarricade embedded code stack and we assist IBM, IBM partners and customers in creating stable, secure and lighting fast blockchain solutions for optimal business value.

BlueBarricade is based in Stockholm. For more information, please contact us.

Mikael Bramstedt


35 years as IT IBM Mainframe specialist, Cloud Solutions and Blockchain Architect.

Key role in the Nordea project for enabling Swish et more




Anders Mattson


Serial entrepreneur with multiple CEO positions across the Swedish business community. Charman of the board of  The Swedish Installation federation. 




Peter Hellman


Financial and Travel credit card and payment pricing expert. Cornell University/ Stockholm University, travel analytics, focusing in distribution, Nyman& Schultz creator and co-owner of First Card.




Fredrik Rosengren


Serial entrepreneur with over 14 years of experience in digital companies, co-founders of several companies and currently in the board of Oddsify, GLOMO, PFO Tech Lab and iApps.  




Jan Kleist

30 years of several executive positions at Ericsson AB, in Sweden, Asia and US. Areas within IT, Sales, Development and Production. Board member of Valuegard, Intrasenze and Activade. 


Hans Liljeblad

KLA Legal
Stockholm University (jur. kand. 1985). Oslo University, Scandinavian Institute maritime law. New York University, studies of maritime law, 1986.